New Year New Resolutions!

So last year was not my favorite year but I know that 2014 is going to be a pivotal year for me. So I have a HUGE list of New Years Resolutions I’m not going to list them ALL because that would be crazy but I will share my TOP FIVE NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS FOR 2014!

1. Self Confidence- I’ve never really had any of this but I’ve heard its pretty nice haha so my number one goal is to build my self confidence!

2. Weight Loss- I’ve lost 25lbs and i want to continue to lose even more!

3. Start my new career as a Medical coder-this is a biggie. I have to finish school and get certified but Its gonna happen!

4. Get my own apartment! – I hate not having my own place and oh how i miss my old apartment filled with all my crummy furniture but at least it was ALL MINE!

5. Get Married- Well maybe not I just want to find a good man who I enjoy being around :’)

What are YOUR New Years Resolutions?


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