Beauty Balms…Secrets Revealed!


Hey Everyone, I have been making these ‘Beauty Balms’ as I’ve dubbed them for like 6 months and everyone seems to love them and I always get asked the same question. “How do you do it?” I do it because I’m awesome, duh! But you guys can be just as awesome as me. So I’ve decided that I’ve kept it a secret for long enough! I’m not very good at keeping my own secrets anyhow so why hold off when I will undoubtedly spill the beans.

Ok so here are most of the things you will need


You will need a lip balm of some sort, I prefer EOS lip balms because they are organic and have several flavors all of which have no color or tint. But any lip balm will do. The little bow next to the  EOS is actually an earring, earrings are the perfect size for the top. Next to the bow there are lavender flat back pearls and purple flat back rhinestones both in size 4mm. Avoid everything labeled Hot Fix, Iron On, or Self Adhesive. The long stick underneath everything I call a pick up stick but sadly I don’t know what it’s actually called. But it’s on the same aisle in Joann’s that the rhinestones are on. One item I did not list is Craft Glue you can go to any craft store and pick up a crafting glue, just make sure that it is clear and is meant for these types of surfaces. If its meant for fabrics it clearly won’t work here you’ll want one that works on metal and plastic surfaces.

Ok so now that you have your supplies we can start making our Beauty Balms!!!

Step One: Prepare

Ok so you want all your items easily accessible I lay everything out on a crafting towel which is really just a regular towel that I dripped glue on one day. I’m clumsy so its not a big shocker. I also like to take about 10 Q-tips and cut one end off, I use this as my glue spreader because its such a small tip that I can get glue to go exactly where I want it rather than everywhere making my balm look like a hot mess.

Step Two: Glue

So the method that works best for me is squeezing glue onto the plastic q-tip. Then going around the EOS seam, where you would twist the lid off, in a circle I make my way about 1/3 of the way around then recap my glue. If you don’t recap your glue it’ll make the process way harder than it needs to be because the glue in the applicator tip will harden and you’ll have to clean the tip out. Not fun

Step Three: Placement

Then using your pick up tool you’ll place each rhinestone in the wet glue, you can create patterns but this does make it a little harder. Feel free to unleash your creative side.

Step Four: The Topper

For the ‘centerpiece’ I have found that earrings are the best thing to work with.


You can take for example this purple ribbon earring and using a set of wire cutters you can clip the post off (the metal that goes through your ear). After that you will still have a nub of metal to take off and what i do is take a regular 12V drill and use a grinding stone bit the one i use is a Dremel bit ($4 bucks from home depot) but it works on my Black and Decker drill. All you want to do is grind the nub down until it can lay flat or flat-ish on the top of the balm.


Once its ready you put down a generous amount of glue where you want it and squish it down in place then you can work on laying the pearls and rhinestones down in whatever pattern you have come up with.

Once you are done you will want to allow it to dry for about a day depending on your glue I leave mine to dry on a flat surface in my garage away from children and adults who like to drop things.



The finished product! These are fun because you can give them as gifts or use them yourself and you will get TONS of compliments on them when you go to moisturize your lips! Have fun crafting


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  1. Lesley Canterbury
    Jan 12, 2014 @ 21:12:17

    This is adorable! Im gonna give this a try. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving your link, glad I checked it out.


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