Pyramid Collection Review

I found this gorgeous skirt online at, a site that I had never heard of before so when I ordered it i was a little wary of what I would receive.

The skirt I chose was Radiance Maxi Skirt:

It looks great in the picture right? For $39.99 It better be!

So I received it in the mail today and the tie dye is gorgeous just like in the picture however its incredibly thin fabric, it wont last long. And its see through! I tried it on and yeah you can see my underwear…..not the look I’m aiming for!  The size is accurate its elastic so it fits well its a tad short for me but I have long legs so its understandable and its got a foldover waist so its the perfect length if I don’t fold it over.

This isn’t a total fail, I mean I could wear a slip under it but who wants to have to do that? And the quality is less than desired I’m rough on my clothes so it wont last long however the tie dye print is really gorgeous and I plan on wearing it.

The shipping was prompt 🙂


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