BoostNBlend Review

Hey guys! I hope all is well with everybody 🙂

Today I want to do a review on BoostNBlend hair fibers


You can buy them on Amazon for $48.98, here is the link for that:

I picked the Medium Brown Shade even though my hair is a dark brown and it works great for me. I am in love with this product, absolutely in LOVE!!! And I’ll show you why as we go along. This is totally unbiased I wasnt paid or given anything for free I spent the $48.98 to get this and that is honestly the best thing I’ve spent money on in a loooooong time!

Some Background info I have PCOS and thinning hair if you dont know what PCOS is I did a post all about it so check that out here:

How it Works:

So first off you want clean hair that is dry to apply this to, I have used it on second day hair and it still works but for me I like to put it on after I shower once my hair has air dryed. I try not to use any heat on my hair because it is thining and is super fine texture so I dont want to damage it any further, but thats just me feel free to blow dry it if you normally do that. Here is me with clean dry hair with my normal part:boostnblend1

Horribe right? You can see through most of my hair and it looks somewhat like a comb-over but hey you work with what you have.

So now you start applying. How I do it is I part the hair diagonally and just sprinkle it onto the scalp, then keep going until ive done the entire crown. The back of the head is a bit harder because your doing it blind pretty much but you’ll get the hang of it. Then what I do is I gently lift my hair (with my fingers) from the roots just kinda fluffing it up to distribute the fibers a bit better.

So at this point you part your hair where you want it and the part will be dark from the fibers so I take a dry q-tip and run it down the part to get rid of those fibers. Then if you notice sections looking darker along the sides of your part you can use the same q-tip to lighten the darker areas.

Here is the finished product on me:


Much better! And this was with no hair products other than the BoostNBlend if I had used a volumizing mousse I would have gotten better results because my hair wold have more body and wouldnt be so flat. But I try to avoid using products on my hair as often as possible to keep it healthy.

I rave about this product to everyone I know and I just love the confidence it gives me, if you have thinning hair you know that your self confidence take a a huge hit because as women (and men too) the first thing everyone sees is your hair. This product does NOT sweat off or down your face, I sweat a good amount and this does not go anywhere so no worries in that department.

I have really greasy hair normally, so 48 hours after showering my hair its like an oil slick gross I know but it is what it is! Using the BoostNBlend right after my hair has air dryed from the shower prevents that oil from building up. I can go 3 or 4 days easy without washing my hair when I use it, which is pretty normal I think for most women and that is a giant plus for me because I usually wash my hair every single day. Which is definitely not healthy for it because I’m stripping it every day! I still shower every day I just dont wash my hair 🙂

The day after you may have some spotting on your scalp basically just some darker areas or areas where you itched your head and some came off so you will want to add more the next day but I never have to “touch-up” my hair I just add it once a day and I’m good to go.

For anyone with allergies this is perfect for you. I am allergic to so many different things its a little crazy trying to keep track of all my allergies  but this gives me no issues.

I would definitely, and do, recommend this product to everyone who has thinning hair because it has been such a blessing in my life. So if your frustrated and losing your self confidence please give this a try because I so wish someone had recommended this to me a few years ago. It really has made my life so much more carefree, I’m not checking the mirror all the time making sure my hair isnt showing scalp. Because I know it isnt.



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